Elsässer Glassmastering

For bigger editions, the first matrix will be called "father", from which mothers and sons can be drawn in further process flows of the galvanic. In turn, Sons are considered stampers.

We manufacture glassmasters/stampers in highest quality:

  • CD (all Formats)
  • DVD 5
  • DVD 9
  • DVD 10
  • Blu-ray Single (BD25) and Double Layer (BD50)

We use the following types of media:

  • CD Glassmastering: CD, CD-R, Exabyte or U-matic

  • Blu-ray Glassmastering: BDCMF Version 0.9 or >

Files may be submitted via a USB 2.0 or Firewire external hard drive.
The most common and efficient method to supply your data files is Electronic File Transfer (EFT).